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Please pray for those who are ill: Ellen and David Paris, Brendan Colohan, Coral & Johnny Harrow, Betty Walford, Joyce West, Sarah Mackay, Barbara Frost, Tony Timoney-White, Bob Horton, Robert Carson, Hilary & Clive Drake, Eileen Chimes, Jeremy Cusden, Pat Edwards Jones and Fr Louis Beesley-Suffolk.


Golden Wedding Anniversary

Following their special anniversary Mass at 9:30 on 17th October at Our Lady's Church, Pam & Charles Snell cordially invite you  to join them in the chapel area for Tea/Coffee and CAKE !

On Sunday October 17th, lovely CHRISTMAS CARDS will be on sale after all Masses, all from our favourite charities.

Assisted Dying Bill  Fr. Francis writes:

Assisted Dying Bill. Fr. Francis writes: There’s still time to write to Peers before they discuss this on October 22nd.  I had a very courteous and positive reply from Lord Howard.  The All Party Parliamentary Group on Dying Well request that you forward any replies you receive to so that they are aware of the responses.

There’s a long template letter you can adapt and also a much shorter one composed by me which you’re free to use or adapt. 

Information on the subject is available at: 

‘Runaway train’: Doctors warn UK politicians against Assisted Dying Bill | Crux Now.

Attached is a photograph of the list. to help you.

A template of a letter (from 'Dying Well') is provided HERE.  

Fr Francis' template of a letter is HERE

I will leave copies in each church for you to take away and adapt.  Alternatively, you could simply write and ask the Peer to oppose the Bill because you believe assisted dying is morally wrong.

If you would like any help, please do ask me. Fr Francis

From St Mary's Primary School, Marnhull


Hello Autumn!

I can’t believe I’ve been the Headteacher at St Mary’s for a half term now! It feels like much longer, but in a good way! I have been made to feel part of the school family from the outset and as I teach in each class, weekly, I know the children really well and am very excited to see them flourish as the year progresses.


September was so kind to us with warm weather, fantastic morning skies, with an occasional hot air balloon to greet us and the infrequent downpour (usually just before pick up!).


Now with the stunning autumn colours beginning to fade as October quickly draws to an end, we are looking forward to our half term holiday so we can re-energise, ready for an exciting second half of the Autumn term.

Sharon Betts



Do you have any empty SHOE BOXES?

Amazingly it's time again to fill them up for the poor folk in Eastern Europe. The crates for donations will be out soon in the porches. Please contact Annette at Gillingham.


Harvest Festival at St Benedict’s Sunday 17th October. Please bring tins of fruit & vegetables for the food bank. There’ll be a crate in the church this coming week.

The Vale Pantry, Sturminster Newton, has asked us to join them in a ‘Reverse Advent Calender’, to raise food for Christmas for local people in poverty. We’re asked to pop an item of suitable food into a box at home, each day of November, (or as many days as we can), then drop the box into the Pantry or the Medical Centre in Stur, at the beginning of December, bringing a ray of sunshine to those less well off than us! If you can’t get the box to them, Tony Moore will collect it from you and deliver it. 01963 365848


Those attending Sunday Mass, please let your fellow parishioners know, who may not be online, that Sunday evening Mass has now resumed. Thank you.

1st Holy Communions 2022: Lessons will start on Wednesday 3rd November at 5.00pm to 5.40pm at St Benedict's Church. If you wish to register please see Fr Francis or one of the deacons. 

Just to remind you. An excellent Catholic radio broadcasting 24/7. Has traditional prayers, including Rosary, Angelus and prayers for the sick, plus lots of feature programmes and music. Also has many links on the website to podcasts etc, and about 40 live Masses a day from webcams in UK and Ireland. If anyone has a spare shilling to give away, the Radio is reliant upon donations - a very worthwhile cause. Donate here


A Prayer for the COP26 Climate talks

Loving God, we praise your name with all you have created.

You are present in the whole universe, and in the smallest of creatures.

We acknowledge the responsibilities you have placed upon us as stewards of your creation.

May the Holy Spirit inspire all political leaders at COP26 as they seek to embrace the changes needed to foster a more sustainable society. 

Instil in them the courage and gentleness to implement fairer solutions for the poorest and most vulnerable, and commit their nations to the care of Our Common Home.

We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.

Prayer cards are available at the back of church.

Right To Life UK urgent appeal 

The abortion lobby has already been successful at using the Coronavirus crisis to temporarily introduce home ‘DIY’ abortions. The policy has not only accompanied a large increase in the number of lives ended by abortion but has also been linked to a number of serious incidents where women’s lives have been put at risk while performing their abortion at home.      Our opposition is now eager to see more widespread changes to legislation enacted and we are currently facing major threats on both abortion and assisted suicide issues.

Fighting both the abortion and assisted suicide lobbies over this period has already made a huge dent in Right To Life UK's limited resources. We are, therefore, appealing to you to please give as generously as you can to ensure we can defeat the abortion and assisted suicide lobbies in these upcoming battles. Every donation, no matter how small, will go towards saving the lives of the unborn and many others.

Please visit for more information and to donate now.

Parish collections

Thank you for the collections. The total for September 2021, including standing Orders: £4,421.07.  Please make cheques payable to “PRCDTR Marnhull RC Parish”  and send to : The Parish Priest, The Presbytery, Old Mill Lane, MARNHULL, DT10 1JX

Sunday Collection.  Please consider donating via Standing Order. Whether you are a tax payer or not this is a simple method, and even better for fundraising is the option of Gift Aid from taxpayers. If you would like applications for either or both of these it would be most valuable to the parish. Please contact the Treasurer, Pam Snell - via:    or see below.  Thank you,   Pam.  Pamela Snell: 01258 821463.  Address:  Grafthayes, Nash Lane, Marnhull, Dorset  DT10 1JZ

Online banking payments is another alternative but the REFERENCE FIELD  i.e. your surname and gift aid envelope number, must be completed so that we can identify donors. This is particularly important if you are a taxpayer allowing Gift Aid reimbursements, although non-tax payers can use this method also.  For forms and further information please phone Pamela Snell [ Parish Treasurer] on:  01258 821463  or email:

Could Applicants making one off Online Payments for their annual Sweepstake entry kindly add SWEEPSTAKE in their narrative details so they can be identified as such. The Application form can be downloaded here for those unable to collect a paper copy from church.

Get an advance copy of the newsletter with more parish information by signing up to the parish email group with Tony Moore: