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We welcome information from churches in the surrounding areas for our Churches Together page.  Email:

The Churches Together Lent Lunches 2024 all take place at Methodist Church Marnhull, Pilwell at 12 noon, followed by lunch: the themes this year are Faith, Hope and Charity.

February16th & 23rd: Faith talk by St Gregory's

March 1st & 8th: Hope talk by Our Lady’s (Jacintha)

March 15th & 22nd: Charity talk by Methodists

The talks on Hope will serve as a preparation for the 2025 Jubilee year of Hope. All are welcome to these wonderful and thoughtful talks which provide a focus for Lenten reflection. All proceeds will go to a UK Christian charity for the homeless. Our Lady's is responsible for preparing the lunch on Friday March 8th. If you could volunteer to help with the making of the soup, please see Jacintha or Jennie Burbury.

Image by Margaret Jaszowska

13th October at 6.30pm Marnhull Village Hall: Harvest Village Supper

 Tickets will be £8 and any surplus will go to the Gillingham Food Bank.  Please bring a poem related to the harvest so that we can read them out during the meal.  Thank you for all those wonderful people who volunteered last year, your generosity was much appreciated. Once again, I will be looking for volunteers to make stew and puddings. Please let Jacintha know if you can help:

12th November: Remembrance Service at St Gregory's, Marnhull

Whilst this is essentially a British Legion initiative it is supported by the Churches Together who take it in turns to give the homily and lead the singing.

3rd December at 3pm

Joint Advent Service - Our choir will lead the singing.

Very many thanks to those who supported the Lent lunches, we raised an impressive £390.30 for Ukraine. Special thanks must go to the volunteers who made the soup lunches and also to Deacon Mike who gave two of the talks, which were much appreciated.

Our next venture is to host a series of talks and discussions on contemporary issues affecting faith . On the 8th June, at Marnhull Methodist Church, Jacintha will lead a session thinking about what it means to be human. This talk will consider the different religious and non religious perspectives on the soul and the afterlife. We will employ the synodal principles advocated by Pope Francis and those of Receptive Ecumenism where the emphasis is on listening and discernment . More details to follow.

harvest supper poster 2022 (1).jpg

Click the picture to download the poster - please pin them up!

Churches Together- Events 2022


The Churches Together’ Harvest Supper is on 29th Sept at 6.30 in Marnhull village hall. This is an annual event but one which hasn’t taken place for the last two years owing to Covid restrictions. The meal witnesses to the fraternity and solidarity that exists between local churches as they celebrate our rural communities. Using as many local ingredients as possible, the menu will comprise casserole, vegetables and potatoes followed by cake. Local cider will also be on offer as will a vegetarian option. The price of the tickets is £7 pounds and can be obtained from Marnhull post office, and also from Jacintha

The Churches Together’ Platinum Jubilee Service is scheduled for 9th Oct 3pm at St Gregory’s. Our Lady’s choir will join with the choirs of St Gregory’s and the Methodists in celebrating the 75 years that Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne. It would be lovely to see parishioners from Our Lady’s at this very important ecumenical event.

The Churches Together’ Advent Service is at 3 o’clock on Sunday 27th of November at St Gregory’s. Once again, Our Lady’s choir will join the choirs of St Gregory’s and the Methodists to welcome in this holy season as we prepare ourselves for the birth of Christ

The Churches Together’ Remembrance Service is at 3 o’clock on 13th  November

Churches Together are hosting their annual Harvest Supper at the Marnhull village hall on 29th Sept. This promises to be a wonderful event, celebrating rural communities and rural life as well as our ecumenical togetherness. We will use local produce in our menu of stew, cake, and cider! Tickets are sensibly priced at £8 and will be available late August. As usual, we rely on volunteers to help make the food, so if you feel that you can undertake this valuable work of God, then we will be very grateful to hear from you. Please contact Jacintha Bowe by email Everyone will be reimbursed for ingredients that are used. Apparently, one of the highlights is poetry reading, so if you are thinking of joining this merry band of people, which we hope you will do, then please bring along a poem relating to the themes of rural life or autumn. More details to follow later.


Churches Together in Marnhull met for prayer last Friday in the Methodist Church. This was one of a series of meetings which alternate venues between the Methodist, Anglican and Catholic churches. On this occasion Rev. Lin Francis, the Methodist Minister, encouraged us to reflect on change as an essential part of life. Whether in our church life, in our national life, or internationally, change is a constant feature, and one which many of us find difficult to accept, much less embrace.

Rev. Lin asked us to pray that we would be able to discern God’s blessings in the changes which come our way; especially in these days following Pentecost, to accept that the Holy Spirit may be in the changes, inspiring us to focus on what we have, rather than what we have lost, so that we can make most of the potential of every day, for the good of our own future and the good of those who follow us. These remarks brought to my mind the saying of St. John Henry Newman: “To live is to change, and to be holy is to have changed often.”

Our church wasn’t well represented at the meeting, which is a shame because it was a lovely moment of prayerful solidarity, helped by the beautiful sunshine streaming in through the windows of the Methodist Church. Perhaps it’s because we’ve lost the dates of these meetings, so I’ll copy them here: 8th July at St. Gregory’s; 9th September at Our Lady’s; 14th October at the Methodist Church; 11th November at St. Gregory’s.



It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it: just two Fridays left before Holy Week, so two more gatherings in the Methodist Church at noon for a reflection, sometimes followed by a Lent lunch. All welcome:

1st April: Charity;  8th April: The Crucifixion.  Last Friday the Lenten Lunch made £90 for Christian Aid.

Last Friday, Jacinta Bowe gave the reflection. This time it was on the subject of Compassion. She invited us to reflect on the full meaning of compassion as evoked by Jesus in his Sermon on the Plain, especially Luke 6: 37-38: “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned…”

Jesus’ notion of compassion goes to the root meaning of the word – sharing suffering – and is thus very challenging. It involves going with people to the place where they are hurting: mourning with the lonely, becoming vulnerable with those who are vulnerable. So sympathy and empathy are not enough; we have to stand in the shoes of the other; suffer with them; set aside any desire for power or dominance. Contrary to those who see such compassion as sadomasochism, Jesus shows us that it is through being compassionate that our humanity grows to its fullest expression.

Jacinta shared the insights of of contemporary Christian writers on mental qualities which can lead us to true compassion: Self awareness; trying to be fully present to the other; conscious of our human tendency to label people; not content with good intentions, but prepared to act. The spiritual qualities which bring compassion within our grasp include: Do not judge; be ready to turn the other cheek; forgive; mindfulness.

Jacinta also reminded us that effective Christian action is never a one-person show; we can and should draw strength for deep compassion from prayer and the support of our Christian community.  About 20 people listened to Jacinta and appreciated the work she put into her reflection. The photo shows some of them. Many then shared very tasty soup, cheese and bread, taking the opportunity to get to know our fellow Christians better.

Lenten Talks

Our Lady's will be taking part in the 2022 Churches Together Lent Talks. This year the talks will focus on the themes of Forgiveness and Compassion, two challenging virtues to practise, particularly in these unsettled times which are giving witness to a rise in questionable behaviours. Jacintha Bowe, former Head of RE at Saint Mary's RC school Shaftesbury, will give two talks on behalf of Our Lady's: the first on 4th March, the second on 25th March and everyone is welcome to attend.


The Prodigal Son, by Fr. Sieger Köder

Churches Together in Marnhull meet for prayer once a month. Please come along and enjoy this reflective half hour. Here is the revised schedule for the next few months. We begin at noon.

Friday 11th February:   St Gregory's

Friday 13th May:           Our Lady's

Friday 10th June:          Methodist Church

Friday 8th July:             St Gregory's

During Lent, we meet in the Methodist Church on Fridays at noon for a reflection, sometimes* followed by a Lent lunch:

Friday 4th March:     Forgiveness

Friday 11th March:   Forgiveness

Friday 18th March:   Compassion

Friday 25th March:   Compassion

Friday  1st April:       Charity

Friday  8th April:      The Crucifixion  

Image by Daniel Vogel

Octave of prayer for Christian Unity begins on Tuesday 18th February.

In Gillingham there will be prayers and discussion at noon on the following days:

Tuesday St. Benedict’s;   Wednesday Methodist Church;   Thursday St. Mary’s C of E;   Friday Community Church

Also in Gillingham, on Sunday 23rd January, there will be a Service at 3 p.m. in the Methodist Church.

"We saw his Star in the East"

The Vale Pantry, Sturminster Newton, has asked us to join them in a ‘Reverse Advent Calender’, to raise food for Christmas for local people in poverty. We’re asked to pop an item of suitable food into a box at home, each day of November, (or as many days as we can), then drop the box into the Pantry or the Medical Centre in Stur, at the beginning of December, bringing a ray of sunshine to those less well off than us! If you can’t get the box to them, Tony Moore will collect it from you and deliver it. 01963 365848

Let's do what we can to help the refugees who have fled to our shores.

Care For Calais are collecting clothes which can be dropped off at various places around the country.  Click on:  to see the nearest place for you.  Currently there are places in Wincanton and Blandford.

If anyone knows of any other collection points or organisations, please let us know as we would be happy to put details on here.

Marnhull Advent Service and Unveiling of the Weathervane.

The Churches Together Advent Service was held at St Gregory’s Church on Sunday 27 November.  The new weathervane was dedicated,  and unveiled  by the Lord Lieutenant's deputy Mrs Antonio Bueno, with a count down from the congregation and balloons released from the top of the tower.  This was followed by a beautiful and friendly service led by the three priests of the village, Canon Tony Wilds, Rev Paul Arnold and Fr Martin Budge entitled 'Looking for the light'. There was music from the choirs of St Gregory's and Our Lady's and readings by Anglicans, Catholics and Methodists.

The weathervane is in the form of gilded cockerel, traditional amongst many churches.  Canon Tony Wilds told us that a cockerel is the symbol of St Peter and it was significant that it was Pope St Gregory who is the patron saint of the church. This particular weather vane (originating in 1745) has belonged to St Gregory's for some time but laid unused and rusting in a corner until recently rediscovered and re-gilded in honour of our queen's jubilee.  

Marnhull Village Harvest Supper 

An evening of 'Pie, Peas and Poems’  - with cider and soft drinks - in the Village Hall on Thursday 29 September.  The idea was to select a favourite poem before leaving home and drop it in the box on arrival.  Various poems were then read out when they were drawn out of the box.

HARVEST SUPPER:  Everyone had a wonderful time at the Harvest supper, the food was delicious (thanks Adrian), and ably and beautifully presented. The poems were both amusing and poignant and the cider flowed generously.  A good evening attended by all the churches.  Here are some photos (apologies for the quality).....

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