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Some of the parish went to the Wintershall Estate 'Life of Christ' play recently and would like to encourage any, the parish to do the same next year.  It certainly brought home the teaching of Christ and the New Testament events, and for the children who went, it made sense of the stories that they knew about Jesus in a comprehensible time line.

The Wintershall Estate is a beautiful setting with a large lake representing the Sea of Galilee and the surrounding hills serving as an amphitheatre and backdrop to the play.  

The cast, particularly Jesus, were convincing and enthusiastic and wove their way through the crowds involving them in the story.  In the scene of the Feeding of the Five Thousand the cast mingled with the audience asking if anyone had any food they could share - and then we were all given bread from empty baskets previously 'blessed' by Jesus! In addition the children were involved in the crowd scene shouting for Barabbas' release.  ("What?" said Phoebe (7), "That can't be right!")

The crucifixion was moving and beautifully portrayed - if that is possible, and a reality check for children without it being too disturbing - I think!

Do try and see the players wherever they are; take your children and grandchildren.  They also perform a wonderful Nativity play at Christmas, and at Easter they take the Passion Play to Trafalgar Square and also to the streets of Guildford.  The programme states that they aim to take the Passion Play to at least 5 major cities in the UK.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if the children from St Mary's could go!  Lots of information on their website here!

The Crucifixion
"Suffer little children....."
Jesus is Baptised
John the Baptist is ridiculed
Jesus cleanses the temple
Jesus raises Lazarus
The Last Supper
The Agony in the Garden
Jesus carries his cross
"Go and make disciples...."

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Blandford parish are organising a coach for this on Tuesday 20th June 2017. Booking forms and information in the porch at church. Do go, Take your children and grandchildren!

Door of Mercy

First stop - Buckfast Abbey - Mass in the Crypt

​On June 9th, members of our parish of Marnhull and Gillingham, with a few of Shaftesbury parish boarded a coach (driven by Fred naturally) and set off ultimately to pass through the Door of Mercy at Plymouth Cathedral, but also to visit and attend Mass at Buckfast Abbey on the way.  There were 48 of us in all and together with Father Budge and Deacon Mike we had a most uplifting and spiritual pilgrimage as well as a lot of fun and quite a bit of laughter.

Our pilgrimage showered us with so many blessings.  Holy Mass in the intimate chapel of St Michael at Buckfast brought us closer together.  We were all there for the same reason sharing  the same Communion.

Lunch and a quick visit to the bookshop was enjoyed before we rejoined the coach and headed for Plymouth Cathedral and the Holy Door.  Fr Budge had been reading prayers from the order followed by Deacon James and Anna on their recent visit to the Holy Door at St Peters in Rome, at the invitation of the Pope.

For many it was their first visit to the Cathedral and for some it was a return to their childhhood church.

Father celebrated Benediction and we all seemed to remember the hymns and responses in Latin.  Many took the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

Bishop Mark then came and spoke to us in the tea room where Merle and helpers did a sterling job providing us with tea and coffee before our return journey.  Delicious cakes had also been made for the occasion.

​The unity of our parish is growing stronger and all parishioners are encouraged to become involved in the activities that are going on.  Please join us all and share the blessings!

​This Year of Mercy is a time to think about the Mercy that has already been extended to ourselves and also it is "a time for the Church to rediscover the meaning of the mission entrusted to her by the Lord on the day of Easter: to be a sign and an instrument of the Father’s mercy". 

Buckfast Abbey
Buckfast Side Chapel
Buckfast Abbey Nave
Our Lady of Buckfast
Plymouth Cathedral
Plymouth Cathedral
Plymouth Cathedral
Plymouth Cathedral Side Chapel
Plymouth Cathedral Interior
Plymouth Cathedral

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May 2016.  Annette has written a wonderful 'Essay' on our pilgrimage to Walsingham which can be found Here.
Meanwhile thank you Annette for your tireless work and for thinking of absolutely everything!

​Further below that are some photographs of our pilgrimage. Click on the pictures of open them up.

And here are the Pilgrims relaxing..............

C of E Church, Walsingham
After the Procession
The Pilgrims at rest -The Black Lion
The Holy Well
David and Fred
The Slipper Chapel
Walsingham Village RC Church
The Bull
Our last night
Porta Sancta, Door of Mercy

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