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A Prayer during this Pandemic:

God's healing hand  

To our brothers and sisters who have contracted and are suffering due to the Coronavirus Disease, we pray that God’s healing hand may rest upon you.

To medical doctors, nurses and the supporting staff who are in the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, may the Good Lord sustain you and inspire you to render your life-saving services with due care, love and compassion.

To all those who have lost their loved ones due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we convey our deepest sympathies.

We pray that their souls, through God’s mercy, may rest in eternal peace.

We pray that God may grant all bereaved families his consolation and strengthen their faith and hope in Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord.


LOCKDOWN.   The Church is at present in the fortunate position of being able to continue the celebration of communal worship because of the structures and safeguards we have in place; but all, especially the vulnerable, should be aware that we must maintain ever greater vigilance in observing the protocols and social interaction should be very limited. There is further information about this from Steve Carrivick relating to Our Lady's church. We are most grateful to all those who make sure that everybody is as safe as possible.

National Lockdown and Parish Worship:

We have started 2021 with a new national lockdown. The number of people diagnosed with Coronavirus in Dorset has increased rapidly. However, we must be encouraged in the knowledge that in our area vaccination is starting this week.

The government is satisfied that there is no evidence that places of worship are responsible for the spread of the virus, as we were sticking to the preventative rules regarding hand sanitising, post-Mass cleansing, social distancing and track and trace measures.

Therefore, we must remind everyone of the precautions we must all take to look after each other at this time when attending church:

  • Firstly, a reminder that the Bishops of England and Wales have suspended the obligation to attend Mass on the Sabbath

  • When attending mass you must wear a face covering while in church

  • Use the hand sanitiser available in the porch when entering church

  • Complete the Track and Trace forms on each visit and submit when entering church

  • Remember to maintain Social Distancing, do not mix with others outside your bubble, inside or outside church

  • Our churches are stewarded to ensure that our places of worship are safe for all and sanitise the church after each Mass

Our churches are open for public worship and we must welcome our parishioners while reminding everyone to take all necessary precautions.

Father Martin wants to be confident that the churches are safe for all of us, but if anybody needs help in any way whether it be shopping or other support please do not hesitate to ask. Our parish is here to support parishioners.

You can email Steve and Maureen on: or Tel: 07887988123

The following links are for live streaming Masses: ​

Several Catholic churches and cathedrals now have webcams and stream Holy Mass live; some daily, some just on Sundays, so you can still share in the Mass, although it’s no substitute for actually being present. Here are some of the many links.  Tony made a list, checked them out, then noted the times of the Masses and chose one to suit our schedule:

Plymouth Cathedral 11.00 Sunday (you may need to search for the right day:

Salisbury at 10.00 on Sunday: 

St Chad's Cathedral Birmingham livestream

Bournemouth at 0800 on Sunday:  

St John's Bath 10.00 am Live Mass:  


The Slipper Chapel, Walsingham.  or  Shrine Live Stream on You Tube

Holy Mass from Redemptorist Publication    YouTube celebrated by Fr Dennis McBride.

St Anthony's Church, West Moors:  You can find a listing for our parish Mass times at:

CARITAS PLYMOUTH:  annual review is now on the Diocesan website. We would welcome feedback from parishes on our plans for the coming year. We have also produced a news update to share some of the positive work happening in our parishes during the Covid-19 crisis.

  • Remember to check on your neighbours who may need help.

  • If you manage to get a food delivery from a supermarket, perhaps you know someone who needs some shopping and you could include their requirements to your list?

  • Perhaps someone would just like a chat on the phone?

  • If you need support and feel that your friends and fellow parishioners can help, then please contact Steve Carrivick on 07887 988123  or Annette Lyons on 07986 301357. and they will see what can be done.  There will be other contacts added as they become available.

  • Elizabeth O'Toole, who runs the Prayer Wheel will be happy to organise prayers said for you - or perhaps you would like to be one of her 'pray-ers'.  Steve or Annette can pass your requests on to her, or you can email this site on and we can let her know.

There are also help groups set up through town councils in our area:

Sturminster Newton:   An initiative during the current crisis has been adopted in SturminsterNewton.  Anybody requiring help should contact Dorset Councillor Carole Jones on 01258-472497 (mobile 07968-348481, e-mail: , or the Mayor, Councillor Helen Lacey, tel. 01258-473133 (e-mail  They are co-ordinating a band of helpers who will shop, collect prescriptions, post mail and telephone daily to anyone who is afraid or unable to leave home to check all is well and if anything is required. This initiative covers Sturminster, Hinton St. Mary and Marnhull. Andrew Donaldson.

Marnhull:  Village Helpline 01305 490000.  Phone line active 8am-8pm every day. A team of volunteers to assist with shopping, dog walking or to provide support in other ways.  November 4th update:  Click here to see the Marnhull Care Poster

Stalbridge: Tony Troughton-Smith 01963 364693 or 07526 375704.  ALSO:  a new number for help in Stalbridge, thanks to the coordinators of the Voluntary Car Scheme, who have kindly morphed into a helpline.  The numbers are 07746 100299 and 07512 489531.  You will be put in touch with someone from “Stalbridge Helpers” who may be able to help you.

Gillingham:   01747 823588, and each resident will, by now, have had a leaflet delivered.



They have no plans to change the opening hours, which remain 10.00am to noon on Monday and Thursday (they do not have enough volunteers to open longer);   They need Fruit Juice and Spaghetti.   Monetary contributions are best made by cheque payable to: Gillingham Food Bank.  As our churches are no longer open, you may consider putting your contribution in the baskets provided at the supermarkets.  Thanks to all who help this wonderful charity.


During Lockdown our Sacramental programmes have come to a halt. A number of links have been compiled which can be accessed via the Diocesan website:  


As you will see, there are a good variety of resources which can be used now or at any time, ranging from, “Wednesday Word” scripture for children, to full programmes for Holy Communion and Confirmation that can be dipped into as you wish. One very versatile and user friendly programme for Confirmation is by Dynamic Catholic. It provides short videos (7 – 9 minutes) on a number of relevant topics which are ideal for small group discussion.


Fr Jon Bielawski.

Bishop Mark - 'Our Common Home and Care for the Vulnerable'.  A reflection on the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis' letter 'Laudato Si'

CARITAS PLYMOUTH:  annual review is now on the Diocesan website. We would welcome feedback from parishes on our plans for the coming year. We have also produced a news update to share some of the positive work happening in our parishes during the Covid-19 crisis.

Bishop Barron on the Coronavirus Quarantine


Bishop Barron on the Coronavirus Quarantine

Blaise Pascal said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” This Pascalian “mot” has come to my mind a good deal in recent days as our entire country goes into shutdown mode due to the coronavirus. Perhaps we could all think of this time of semi-quarantine as an invitation to some monastic introspection, some serious confrontation with the questions that matter—some purposeful sitting alone in a room.

Divine Mercy Chaplet for an End to Coronavirus

Let's ask for God's mercy during this coronavirus pandemic by praying the Divine Mercy Novena, starting on Good Friday at 12pm (thereafter praying at 3pm) and ending on the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday (the Sunday after Easter Sunday). We'll then continue after the novena ends with the Divine Mercy chaplet, praying every day at 3 pm.

In addition to the intentions Jesus gave St Faustina for the Divine Mercy Novena, we'll be keeping in mind two other intentions:

1. An end to the coronavirus pandemic

2. To spiritually place ourselves beside those dying alone across the world from the virus


The EWTN channel is a fount of Catholic knowledge and well worth looking at.  There is EWTN Great Britain:  You can find it here


Put your God Suit on and Keep Fit!


Greetings to all,

Here's a fun way to have a short keep-fit workout! I first came across this at Summer Camp last year - some of the children were amused by my efforts... We later used it as a NT meditation in my little group as it's based on St Paul's letter to the Ephesians  6: 10-17

Go on to You Tube and put in GOD SUIT and a lovely young lady will show you how it's done or try the couriers if    you think she's just too good; what a great bunch of people. 

Perhaps when we are celebrating being together again when the crisis is over we could do a community demo?            

Have fun! Love from Annette

(Here it is:  God Suit On).....


Beatrice would like to share a letter from Fr Mike Schmitz here

And here's a quiz for you all


More prayer resources: .  Worksheets and prayer/liturgy resources which can be printed onto A4 paper and can easily be used at home with children without a need for huge amounts of pre-knowledge or information.   Catholic prayers and reflections/Prayer resources from CAFOD Abundance of prayers for family and elderly Mainly secondary resources

Prayer. there are several websites which may be of interest:  free for an introductory period then a one-off lifetime payment. I find this excellent. daily prayer, based around the saints of the day etc.

At our Cathedral at 4.30pm each day.

Scott Hahn offers reflections on the Sunday reading, and much more!